What Does A Project Manager Do?


Project Managers are valuable to businesses and entrepreneurs because they are equipped with the ability to maintain a vision for the project at hand while executing it to fruition. A project manager is responsible for leading a project team from beginning to end to the satisfactory of the project stakeholders, based on the agreed upon project scope. A project manager assists in defining the scope, planning, executing and completing a project and operates the project as a point-person. Overall, project managers keep projects running on time and on budget.


A Project Manager’s Value:

Reducing Time & Cost

Planning, templates, formulas and lessons learned sit in a Project Manager’s back pocket. Experience with similar projects help reduce the learning curve and provides a valuable knowledge base that’s advantageous for companies. With this set of experience, companies save time and cost while executing the task at hand.


Managing Stakeholders and Scope

Ever work on a project with a team? Managing everyone’s ideas and expectations in addition to the project at hand can be daunting for most. Project Managers are trained to navigate stakeholder engagement, manage the project team AND successfully execute a project. It’s a very valuable skill for companies to utilize to achieve success for any project or organizational initiative.


Getting It Done Right…. The First Time

Without an experienced project manager, many companies begin projects that go unfinished or find themselves redoing projects due to failed planning. A project manager, specifically a PMP certified project manager, assists in properly executing a project… the first time. This saves organizations time, cost, and frustrations by having a reliable source to successfully accomplish the task at hand.