Digital Marketing


Client: Wearable Technology

Problem: Wearable technology is a fast-growing market. It takes a either a great budget or innovative marketing strategy to reach consumers. The client didn’t have a great budget, so Dream Guider orchestrated an innovative marketing strategy. In addition to budget constraints, another challenge the client faced was educating their consumers on the benefits of their product. As a leader in the wearable tech industry, the average consumer is still learning the benefits of wearable tech. Dream Guider was tasked with outlining the clients best features and illustrating the benefits to potential customers.

Solution: After thorough market analysis, Dream Guider devised an innovation plan for digital marketing success. Our project managers facilitated the initiatives, and the product’s consumer base continues to increase. Additionally, Dream Guider worked with the client to narrow down the benefits into concise understandable points for consumers.

Results: The client’s online consumer base grew by over 300% with an increase in social engagement and 89% increase in sales.


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