Strategic Planning


Client: Skincare Apothecary

Problem: The client desired to introduce a new product line into the organic beauty market. The products focus on organic skincare for women, men and babies. Although the product was fully created and receiving positive feedback from current customer base, the client was unsure how to strategically launch the product into the larger market.

Solution: A strategic plan, label creation, website launch and marketing. Dream Guider began its project management initiatives by outlining a strategic ‘Dream Plan’ for success. The Dream Plan outlines specific tasks all tied to outline strategic objectives for the company. Dream Guider worked to facilitate those initiatives by project managing specific tasks such as creating product labels and product bundling strategies. Dream Guider worked with the client to find a graphic designer to create product labels for the brand as well as a new website. Additionally, Dream guider assisted with the eCommerce website creation to establish a web presence and convert social media efforts into sales.

Results: Sales increased by 132%


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