Success-Driven Project Management for Entrepreneurs

Dream Guider, a Project Management Firm, uses success-driven project management to help entrepreneurs launch their business or complete projects dedicated to accomplishing business objectives. The firm works as an extra hand for entrepreneurs and businesses. Dream Guider is a boutique agency that specializes in project management for personal brand development, fashion, beauty, and consumer package goods. In addition to servicing clients, Dream Guider utilizes the Water Wheel Economic Model, which pours a percentage of profit into emerging businesses to assist in economic growth. Successful entrepreneurship is essential to economic growth and community development. Dream Guider is dedicated to the success of our clients.

Strategic Planning

Dream Guider establishes your goals and objectives and outlines a path to success using strategic planning. Strategic planning is essential for businesses looking to grow or entrepreneurs needing a strateguc plan to launch a new product or service.

Project Management

Entrepreneurship gets busy. Are you currently in business but unable to manage all components of your business? As a Project Management Firm, Dream Guider provides assistance by managing specific projects or aspects of a business.

Concept and Product Development

Preparing to launch a new product into the market? Dream Guider offers concept development and product management to assist in the successful launch and development of new products and services.

Recent Projects

Dream Guider is a boutique Project Management Firm. We service customers in various industries including fashion, beauty, and consumer packaged goods among others. Our goal is to achieve maximum success for our clients, and to use the profits obtained to help emerging businesses through the Water Wheel Economic Model created by Dream Guider Founder, Syreeta Lockett. Let us help you achieve your idea of success. Contact us for more information.



Wearable Technology

Dream Guider successfully managed campaigns to sell-out product and reach sales goals. Dream Guider is also responsible for customer engagement and management.

Organic Skincare Line

Dream Guider managed this organic skin care line’s branding, social media marketing, label creation and website development.

Video Production Company

Created a strategic plan to help redefine the company’s target market and marketing strategy. This strategic plan resulted in the company’s increased revenue, due to the company’s ability to reach a more profitable demographic.

Our History

Dream Guider is a Project Management Firm dedicated to assist entrepreneurs launch their business and/or complete specific projects after the business is launched. Dream Guider LLC was founded in 2013 by Syreeta Lockett and utilizes the Water Wheel Economic Model, which dedicates a portion of all profits to invest in emerging entrepreneurs.

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    Dream Guider Finds Niche with Creative Professionals and Entrepreneurs

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    Dream Guider Signs NY Times Best Selling Author

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